Gary J. Marchal

Gary Marchal was born and raised in the New Orleans area. After high school, Gary attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana, majoring in Fishery Biology. In 1969-1971, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed in the Military Police barracks of Camp Pendleton, Ca. and assigned to the Western White House in San Clemente, Ca. under then President Richard Nixon. After completion of his military duties, Gary returned to the Southeast Louisiana area and began working in the family elevator business while attending local colleges, majoring in electrical engineering. After the family business was sold in 1987, Gary, along with his brother Jim, founded Marchal Elevator Corporation. After 12 years in business, Marchal Elevator Corporation was sold and Gary moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area. Gary is now working for Otis Elevator Company in Marietta, Ga.

An avid gardener since 1973, Gary began his serious study of Bonsai in November, 1985 under the expert guidance of Vaughn L. Banting. Gary assisted Vaughn at the 1992 Florida Bonsai Societies convention in Orlando, Fla. with his Flat-Topped Cypress group planting presentation. 
Gary was presented with a Certificate of Merit from Bonsai Clubs International for being a finalist in the 1993 Ben Oki International Design Competition for his Bald Cypress. In 1994, he was again presented with a Certificate of Merit from Bonsai Clubs International for being a finalist in the 1994 Ben Oki International Design Competition for his Water Elm. In 1997, Gary was honored to be the winner of the 1997 Ben Oki International Design Award Competition for another of his Bald Cypress Bonsai.

For the past 10 years, Gary has presented programs for many Bonsai Clubs and Societies throughout the United States, including Hawaii. This is a listing of the conventions / conferences / seminars that Gary has presented programs for:

In 1995, 1996, and 1997 Atlanta Bonsai Society's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Annual Conventions. 
In 1997,  the Bonsai Societies of Florida 25th annual convention.
In 1999, the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies Annual Conference, the Lone Star Bonsai Federation's Annual Conference, and the Golden State Bonsai Federation's Annual Convention. 
In 2002, the American Bonsai Society Convention in Milwaukee, WI. 
In 2003,  the Joy of Bonsai in Bath, UK. for the Association of British Bonsai Artists.

And coming in 2004: The Shohin Convention of California......................more details to follow.
                                   Bonsai Societies of Florida Annual Convention......more details to follow
                                   New Zealand Bonsai Conference..........................more details to follow

As an artist, Gary enjoys working on large collected specimens and all varieties of pines, but he emphasizes wiring as well as scale and proportion in design regardless of the material. Gary considers himself a serious student and enthusiast of the art of Bonsai. Gary states, "In what other hobby, art, sport, etc. are the 'greats' so approachable for help or advice?? This, and the special friendship that is shared by fellow artists, is what makes Bonsai so enjoyable!!"