Japanese Garden Juniper
Juniperus procumbens

Height ... 24 inches     Root Base ... 3.5 inches

This collected Japanese Garden Juniper was dug from a garden in 1993. This juniper was growing along the ground and when it was dug, it was stood up in the nursery container.

In April 1994 the juniper was healthy and ready for its first styling as a bonsai. 




Studying this juniper presented me with the choice of many possible fronts. Knowing the style choice would be  "Bunjin", I was challenged to find the most pleasing line to present.


The choice of the front of the juniper bonsai was made to show the beginning of the "shari" and the very interesting loop in the trunk line. The movement of the trunk as it comes out of the soil is very pleasing to the eye and welcomes the viewer into the composition. The 2nd curve of the trunk line, which is after the loop, repeats the action of the 1st curve but in a shorter distance. The trunk line then recovers to the front center of the composition where the canopy will begin. Wiring and placement of branching begins with efforts concentrating on layering of foliage so that bonsai will look good no matter which direction it is viewed from.


Here is a picture of the juniper bonsai after its first styling and placement into a bonsai container. Styling and potting of this juniper was done on one Saturday afternoon. Take note that when the bonsai is viewed from the front, you can peek through the loop.