Hey Y'all, comment sa va mon ami ?

Dis is de place y'all be talkin bout, I garauntee!! I will put in dis place now plenty 'a dose "LINKS".....so y'all can know bout dem Cajuns. Mais non chere, not boudin links....but links so ya can see what we be bout. An all dis on the "Wirl Wide Web" fer sure. Now not dat kinda web dat ya have growin behin you ice box in de kitchen no. I talk bout de whole Wirl gonna wanna know bout sumtin en dear to me heart....Cajuns and me way of life...and all dat rig-a-maroo.

So c'mon now me friends and learn sumtin bout us fun lovin' peoples......

Editor's Note: .....Now people...I really hope you don't think I talk like that ?  ;o)