San Jose Juniper

Height ... 42 inches     Root Base ... 11 inches

During the July 4th weekend of 1996, I attended the BCI 96' convention in Washington D.C. I had the honor and good fortune of participating in Mr. Kimura's large field grown juniper workshop. This is a picture of the juniper after I cleaned out all of the dead branching and before "jin", "shari" and   wiring was begun.



Here is the finished workshop juniper after 4 days of work. Although I brought home an exceptional juniper bonsai for my collection, the opportunity to work with Mr. Kimura was "a chance of a lifetime" experience. Watching and listening to him work on this juniper bonsai provided me with an understanding of bonsai that you can never receive just by reading about his work. This juniper bonsai is 42 inches tall and 60 inches wide with an 11 inch base. After the 4 days were finished what I didn't realize was that the work was just beginning!! The next step was getting the juniper bonsai out of the 36 inch wide door of the workshop room and into a hotel passenger elevator with a 40 inch wide opening for the ride down to the loading dock. What a Job!!! Many thanks to Bryan Hoerner and Dennis Makashima who helped me with this task. Brussel Martin brought the juniper bonsai with him back to Olive Branch, Ms. where a week later, I drove up with my trailer for it's final drive down to New Orleans. Many thanks, Brussel!!

The spring of 1997 I potted the juniper in a training pot where it's been growing in good draining soil. Now it's time for re-wiring.

Many Thanks to Mr. Kimura for a experience I will never forget.